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About us

If you are looking for good quality, day-to-day jewellery?  then MADI is the brand you must meet! We proudly represent a 3rd generation of goldsmith family.


We cultivate tradition of fine gold and silver jewellery design and production. Our philosophofy is a mix of modern with classic design using only sterling silver, fine gold plated materials and solid gold as well. The brand started its life in 2014 and since then continously evolve.


If you like modern, day-use jewellery and you appreciate bespoke quality then MADI has products that are perfect for you.

MADI Sterling silver ring
MADI earring - Pacman and double D models

It is suprising but, if we combine all years of our family experience then we can proudly say that we produce and design jewellery for last 65 years! 

For all these years my dad, and his dad before, were crafting beautiful pieces for some one like you. The technology evolved but the spirit and attention to details remained. For past 5 years I have been living and breathing the spirit of building fine jewellery. Finally, in 2015,it was the time to show the results! I hope you will enjoy my products same way I enjoy making them!

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