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This model is a homage to a classic game character that everybody fell in love. Trus us, you will fall in love with this one too. When worn it gives you an illusion that your ear is eaten by the earring.

Straight look for a women who wants something unique. 

The earrring has been hand finished with a stratch-like surface to make it more unique.


  • Material: Sterling silver 925 or silver gold plated in yellow/rose 14K gold

    Size: 12 or 22mm

    Finish: semi-polished

  • We made for you 2 models depending on where your whole is and the anatomy of your ear. 

    • 12mm model has a gap of approx 7mm
    • 22mm model has a gap of approx 12mm

    Take this into consideration when choosing your model. The gap will be filled with your ear. the smaller the gap remains the better effect will be achieved.

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