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Introducing Men's collection

Every men deserves a good quality jewelry. But first of all let's try to answer the key question: What jewelry men wear? That is the ultimate question we dear to answer!

Our journey to Men's Collection was very pumpy. Countless hours of brainstorm and decisions to make. Should we start with chains? maybe bracelets? maybe a nice ring? It was not easy to specify what Men's Collection should be.

Our philosophy is to create pieces that are functional and have a flair, something cool. We are heavily influenced by classic men's jewelry objects like cufflinks, suit pins and pocket watch chains. And that will be the start of our new collection.

At first we would like to introduce our cufflinks. All made in sterling silver with option to order in 14k Gold and White gold. We are working very hard to allow you to customize certain models with initials (would not be cool to wear Gold cufflink circle with your Initials?). Our next step will be to expand the collection to bracelets and signets with high quality diamonds and diamond cufflinks for a special occasions that may occur.

Finally, it is you, our customers, who influenced us to take this challenge.

Let us know your thoughts on first models and what would you like to wear (or offer to your lovely boys and men), we can't wait to hear your feedback,




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