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New year, New Us - MADI is changing its look!

MADI as a brand started 5 years go. To celebrate this small anniversary we decided to "refresh" our look with new, up to date branding (and small extra).

We have been thinking about it for a while. Initial logo and branding fit our needs but was incomplete. Prior logo was created by our friend artist who hand draw the entire name. It looked great and after 5 years it aged well. But now it is time for new!

We started with colors, then logo, then the change became a project of its own! It is part of brand's evolution that reflects the forms we create. Geometrical shapes are core of our inspiration, garnished with master skills we continue to develop and you get a perfect product for our beloved customers.

I hope you will like it and familiarize with new look.

There is one more thing to mention... MADI is now a registered trademark for jewellery production and distribution! it was a long process to go through but we had no other way to protect our 5 year work and more years to come.

Let us know what you think about new look whenever you have a chance!


MADI Team.

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