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Your silver earrings are loosing its shine? MADI has few tips for you.

MADI Jewellery - bracelets silver
Bracelet - Lines

During our tradeshows you ask us about that - many, many times. So we decided to help you in a better way by creating this post. Take a look!

Maintaining the jewelry may become a pain for those who have large collection of earring, bracelets and rings. Sterling silver, compared with gold, has natural tendency to darken when time passes by. Those that like that tell us it adds character to their pieces. Those who prefer to keep it nice and shiny, we have few tips to share!


General tips you should follow:

1. If you don't use your jewelry, try to keep it in a sealed box so the contact with the air is limited

2. Cotton cloth works well if the product requires a tittle clean up (so is the toothpaste although we never tried :) )

3. For products that require deep cleaning, with lot or detailed elements, we use special fluids that allows to dip the product. The one we use very much is:


Remember: Most of MADI jewellery won't have that problem. Our silver earrings and bracelets are protected with Rhodium which prevents silver from darkening process. Individual models of rings may not be covered with Rhodium and you would be informed about it before you make the purchase.

May your jewellery last and leave the comment below (or send us the message) if you have further questions or suggestions.

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Michal Kowalski
Michal Kowalski
Sep 14, 2019

Thanks MADI! very useful tips. Looking forward to see you on the next tradeshow

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