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We are safe and alive! Warm hugs to all (COVID update)


In these strange times when people loose their loved ones, when uncertainty how the future will look like grows, we decided to write short message to you all on how we manage during Coronavirus epidemic.

First of all, we are all safe and well. All of our crew and family are safe. We keep social distancing and wear protective gear all the time. Virtual Easter was not something planned but a matter of necessity. Naturally, the current situation forced us to stay home which means we cancelled all Spring trade events and used given time to prepare for the worst.

Many officials say the epidemic may last even 2 years and will change the way we function. I'm sure there is lot of truth in that but we stay positive. We are somehow lucky that all our production is in-house but we have problems with raw material deliveries are affected (not to mention on constant increase of price of gold and silver).

So how do we cope during country lock-down?

  • We definitely have more time to think about new products and new collections,

  • For online shoppers: All our online portfolio is available however our stock is limited to what we have in our inventory,

  • All sold pieces are carefully handled, disinfected and packed before shipped,

  • Even if you choose normal post we ship using courier service to ensure you get your delivery safe (some post services are not available during COVID) - consider it as a small token of our appreciation for your love of our jewelry!

  • We manage to participate in online events like recent Blickfang Live. We plan to do more of that in near future.

Last words from us - we want to thank all our fans that continue to support us even during pandemic spread. We wish you all that we see each other very soon and we will have great time!

Warm hugs from MADI


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